Firefox Won’t Play YouTube (Flash) Videos – Solution

Many people are experiencing a problem in which YouTube videos and other Flash content will not play in Firefox. Instead a message appears which says:

“An Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later.”

User forums abound with pleas for help, which are either answered incompetently by support personnel or ignored altogether.

I tried so many things to fix this. I re-installed Flash, disabled many plug-ins, ran CCleaner to purge the browser, re-installed Firefox with personalization retained then deleted, and scoured the unhelpful forums.I even ran a clean-up scan of my registry, which I hate doing. It makes me nervous because making changes to the registry can cause serious problems.

The Solution

For me, the issue turned out to be a conflict within Firefox between Flash and RealPlayer. The solution was to change the settings in RealPlayer as described in the Adobe Forums at

If you have the problem and are using an alternate browser, you can watch this video demonstration of the repair: