Two Web Designs Compared

Let’s look at two social media Profile page expressions. Both are the result of focused and deliberate work by talented designers at globally dominate companies, Facebook and Google.

Here is my profile banner from Facebook; my personal one, not my professional page.

Click images to enlarge

facebook profile 

Notice that the emphasis here is on the banner image I chose to express myself and my lifestyle, not on the avatar used to identify me.

Now the banner from Google’s newly-redesigned Kyle Kimberlin profile page.

Google  profile

Notice that the center image in the row on G+ is the same beach photo used on Facebook. But the emphasis is on my enormous face.

I could have easily made a collage of photos for my Facebook banner, and had all that space to share them. But there’s no way on Earth I would have used a giant picture of myself. This is a little bit unsettling.

I just don’t think there’s any question which is the better design. That the prize goes to Facebook is surprising, though.

Now I’ve got to spend some time tinkering with G+, to find a workaround that puts the emphasis on what I want to say and what I have to share, not how unrelentingly cool my prescription sunglasses are.

3 thoughts on “Two Web Designs Compared

  1. Thanks for the comment, James. Right you are. I have seen people doing that, and it’s cool. But my criticism of the new G+ profile design is the gynormous avatar. It makes me want to swap the picture of me for a shot of the Santa Barbara Mission or something, and put my mug in one of the 5 smaller spots.

  2. Interesting. Thank you for drawing attention to this. I agree, I do prefer the Facebook concept myself.

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